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We’re a very active community with members who range in skills and experience, but united by the love of crypto bots!

About Crypto & Robots

The Crypto & Robots is an online crypto-trading community. We are primarily focused on auto-trading bots, but our interests extend beyond that.

The community is interacting mainly via the Discord, where we discuss bot settings, crypto trading platforms and cryptocurrency news. We share and exchange ideas and sometimes simply fill in our free time in a friendly and easy-going atmosphere. We welcome everyone to join us!

These online spaces – this website, our Discord, TradingWithABot YouTube channel – are all designed to share the knowledge related to cryptocurrency trading with automation / bot platforms. Many of the posts or videos are very practical, you can simply follow them step-by-step (or sometimes even press a “copy” button) and replicate the bot configurations. Some of the bot configurations that the members of the community had proposed have “graduated” into stable and profitable strategies.

Over the time we had extended the community topics to other areas, such as NFT and play-to-earn crypto games. We continue to grow and improve every day!

YouTube Videos

The videos produced by TradingWithABot and his YouTube channel were actually the starting point for the Discord community. Over the last 1.5 years, however, the community had grown due to the contribution of many people. 

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Strategies include bot settings, configurations, and set-ups created and tested by our community. Most are uniquely original, and some are adapted and extended from the shared resources we find on the net.

We are a proud partner of the 3C-Tools ( The platform is managed and run by our VIP Strategist, @cklm, and our Discord community is acting as a beta testing and support forum for the 3C-Tools.

Extensive Reporting

3C-Tools reporting capabilities provide unique insights into the performance of your strategies.

Risk Management

Whether you trade on Spot or Futures, 3C-Tools will offer an invaluable perspective on your risks, allowing you to optimize your risk-to-reward ratio and stay in control of your trading accounts.

Members Suport

Visit the #news-faq and #3ct Discord channels for the information and discussion specific to the 3C-Tools.

Learn together. Grow together.

Crypto trading is an endeavor you undertake alone. You make decisions based on the information you gather, your past experience, your values, your fear or grid, and so on... and you execute upon these decisions. You are 100% responsible for these decisions and for their outcome. But you do not have to feel that you are alone. Many of us are at our screens 24x7. We chat. Ask questions. Sometimes complain, sometimes we joke. We learn together, and while your performance is yours alone, finally, we do grow together. 

Commercial Services

Several of our community members are offering their commercial services for a reasonable charge. The info and links to these services are below.

Service Description

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Service Description

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Community Roadmap

Day 1
March 5, 2021
Day 532
August 19, 2022

March 5th, 2022 marks a one-year anniversary since we had started this Discord community. I remember it well. There were just 2-3 people who were a part of it then, but from the day one we’ve had active and meaningful discussions, and more and more people had joined and stayed with us.

Today, we are 1,000 members strong. Some joined by following my YouTube videos, some were invited by their friends. Many had joined because of, developed and managed by @cklm. We are also happy to have many other prominent individuals, some of whom we know and recognize and distinguish with the @VIP title.

The community offers a common place to meet and discuss topics related to crypto trading with automation. We call ourselves The Crypto & Robots Community.

I had met many great people through this Discord channel and with several of them we are in a close and a regular contact. And I learned a lot. During the last year this community had shaped me and helped me to grow. And for all of this I am very thankful.

I am very thankful to every one of you for being here. For contributing, sharing, helping each other, offering ideas, direction, asking questions, bring in new information. There is such a wealth of knowledge that was shared throughout the channels of this Discord!

- TradingWithABot

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